FIFA 14 – Unpredictable, realistic and demanding football

fifa 14 iosFor series FIFA the 2013-2014 season is key to transition mode. It will be the debut of the new franchise and, in addition, will also be the implementation of a promising engine Ignite seeking to bring big changes to the world of virtual sports. Time to whet your appetite we have versions for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that provide us continuous vein of the brand, failure to follow important developments in the issue of the next cycle of machines to be released in November of this year 2013 as part of the launch of both catalog.

FIFA 14 is, for the moment, a game that only observed subtle changes compared to its predecessor. Small adjustments here and there that seek to improve the formula for the delivery of the last year, but that is far from what expected of a franchise that in recent years has been characterized by an endless drip of news delivery after delivery. This policy has given us essential as 11 and 12 deliveries, but they have generally ensured a very high level at all times thanks to the maverick spirit of those responsible. It is for this reason that, somehow, the delivery of this year can be disappointing, since although frankly is good and improves what was, not look at the line of notorious year-to-year growth that had been propounding series.  I will show you later where to a FIFA 14 ios Cheat tool

The episode of last year was already important dimensions of innovation of the best chapters in the IP, but on this occasion the spirit is even more conformist. It is a time of transition, facing the industry on the verge of the debut of a new generation, and it seems that EA Sports has chosen the easy way minimizing the risk, at least in these versions to the current cycle. Does it mean that it has not worked? In all, since the title has some improvements, rather subtle and often unnoticeable character in first games, that will make us return to enjoy a football somewhat less dynamic than in 13 FIFA but also more realistic, and which already do not prevail both sprinters and use head braiding a few plays where a ball that wins naturally is more star than ever.

The first minutes with FIFA 14 are unclear, since changes are slow to be noted and in the first instance will seem that we are playing the episode from last year. With the passage of time we will receive them, noticing how AI now makes us things harder, as matches are slower and how broadly the ball seems freer of our feet in their movements. All these “signings” playable contribute to enhance the experience, and make more realistic parties, and reduce the effect of importance maximum speed of the players who had the more dizzying 13 FIFA.

Here, everything is slower, and have to work harder to get out the moves, and already we prefer more elaborate playing style or another more direct challenge is high even in the intermediate levels of difficulty. The opponent closes better, and is now difficult to disassemble his defense with walls as before because subsidies are realistic is not so easy to get the stations of your site to find spaces behind them. That is no obstacle to make clear, also, that is relatively easy to create numerical superiority in band bending with our re-spreader, and still they fall into certain routines, although they are becoming more demanding.

That Yes, in its ability to pressure continue observing severe inconsistencies that already in the year 2013 start to be entirely unforgivable: talk for example about situations in certain circumstances and intermediate difficulty that our central, for example, holds the ball in his own area looking to band and none of the rival bothers to enter him, all patiently waiting for the Chrono display even a whole time. If the Defense makes a turn and look toward your goal surprisingly pressure is activated, and all run as possessed to make a marking one by one that distributes them as close by leaving a few sultry in her field spaces and tabs in our area, and putting us in the hand carry out a ball long to our points and then a fleeting against which we can create superiority without much effort. At the end of the day, and as they defend many technicians, football is a sport in which you have to get superiority in all parts of the field, and in 14 FIFA is exactly the same.

Anyway, with counted as the aforementioned exceptions that are more due to the nature of exploiting specific deficiencies of artificial intelligence than to something else, we can keep blaming him FIFA lot about AI, but are increasingly limited to the offensive front. Defense improvements are obvious in terms of positioning, rigour and order. In attack, on the other hand, logic problems are still there: in a very unrealistic way, the rival led by “the machine” always bet for the vertical game to self-defeating extremes even for himself, renouncing any trace of play in midfield by town that has it, and stubborn to always direct advance toward the rival area without never opt so recurrent maneuvers in the current football as the pass back to oxygenate, or game changes so the opponent swings.

Now that football is more leisurely, you notice more of everything that has to do with the conduct of “the machine” both for better and for worse, and that allows us to also see the obvious improvements that it has suffered more easily. All, together with elements which we will describe later, cause to make the experience more random and not so easily identifiable in terms of how to stop this or that situation. That unpredictable component that makes soccer a sport so exciting has been an obsession for Electronic Arts long ago, and little by little, the truth is that they are getting to achieve this effect by eliminating barriers to extremes that seemed hard a few years ago.

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